For two days we rented a car and did a sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria. We saw the most beautiful spots and sights and were just so impressed by this island. In this post I will tell you where we went and what sight you should not miss during your sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria.

If you want to get a little behind the scenes info about my camera equipment etc. have a look at the overview of my Vlogging Equipment.

As you might know I stay on Gran Canaria right now and study here for one semester as an ERASMUS-Student. I will propably write many more post on Gran Canaria and Sightseeing on Gran Canaria. So, if you plan on traveling to Gran Canaria stay posted on my blog and do not miss my high-value-sightseeing-tips for Gran Canaria. 😉

I wrote a really long post on our Sightseeing-Tour on Gran Canaria on our German blog about this semester on the Canary Islands, but for those of you who do not understand German I will write down the important facts here. Still you should definately visit the German blog to see all the pictures of the different sights. That will make your decission easier, where your sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria shall go.

Sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria Day 1

Sightseeing mit dem Mietwagen auf Gran Canaria Tag 1 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Pico de Bandama and Caldera de Bandama

You should not miss to see this vulcano with its big and beautiful crater, which is called Caldera de Badama. You can even hike down to the bottom of the crater where a lonely farm hous is situated. From the top of the mountain, the Pico de Bandama you have a beautiful view over the nort and east part of the island including Las Palmas.


Here was supposed to be a famous pottery where we wanted to do some souvenier shopping, but we could just not find. So it is a cute little village, but you will probably see plenty of those during your sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria.


The religious center of Gran Canaria where you can see how Gran Canaria looked like years ago. We just stopped to have our sandwiches for lunch, but it’s probably not worth it to spend more time here than just a drive through. Nevertheless, driving through this village which is nicely situated in the mountains is definately worth it!

Cenobio de Valeron

You should not miss this! A huge construction of caves in the mountains, where the native Canarians used to store there food and other goods. Students had to pay 2,50€ for entering.

Faro de Sardina

This beautiful light house was in none of our travel guide but it is definately a worth to stop here and enjoy the amazing view on Tenerife and the huge cliffs of the west-coast of Gran Canaria. A really beautiful spot!

Sardina / Puerto de Sardina

A cute little harbour with fishing boats which seems to sleep nicely sorounde by big cliffs. Also worth to stop by!

Agaete / Puerto de las Nieves

Here is more tourism than in Sardina, but you should still stop here. Agaete its harbour Puerto de las Nieves is a very beautiful village with white houses and some nice fish restaurants. We also enjoyed very much to watch the sun set from the pier of the harbour.

Sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria Day 2

Sightseeing mit dem Mietwagen auf Gran Canaria Tag 2 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Valle de Agaete

You definately do not want to miss this. A paradise like valley that starts at Agaete and goes towards the center of the island sorounded by big mountains. Go with your rental car towards the valle an take a left when your in the valley. In this way you will drive up the mountains and will be rewarded by the most beautiful view on the valley an the ocean behind it.

Anden Verde and Mirador del Balcon

This is probably on of THE highlights during a sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria. This road from Agaete to puerto de Aldea with its twists and turn hundrets of meters above the ocean provides the most amazing views!

San Nicolas and Puerto de Aldea

Also a cute village with a cute harbour. We had our lunch-break here, sitting on the jetty, sorounded by fishing boats and crabs that enjoyed the sun as much as we did. :)


You should not miss Artenara which is the highest situated village on Gran Canaria. The village itself is nice but the best part is the trip from the West Coast (San Nicolas) towards Artenara. This road provides almost as beautiful a view as the anden verde just without the ocean because you go to the center of the island. In Artenara itself you should go to the big statue (which you will see) and enjoy the view over the mountains of Gran Canaria. We had our second lunch break here. :)

Roque Nublo

A nice little hike (about 30 Minutes one way) which is rewarded by a great view if there are no clouds! :) Also you can see and touch the two huge rocks (father and son) from close by. You will probably have seen them already from Artenara.

Barranco de Guayadeque

You can not miss this! In this valley the Canarians still live in modernized and for the most part really beautiful caves.

Puerto de Mogan

This is probably the most beautiful place to have a nice dinner right at the harbour. Puerto de Mogan with its beautiful white houses and colorful flowers is also called “Little Venedig”…

If you have any more questions or need more details on my sightseeing-tour on Gran Canaria leave me a comment!