The birthdate of Traveling Millionaire is 18 April 2010, and is taking place in the hotel Courtyard / Marriot in Orlando. I’m not here because I’m enjoying myself so much. No, I’m stuck here.

Why? Because of a stupid vulcano with a name that is impossible for me to pronounce: Reykjavik. I spent a week in Litchfield / Connecticut to visit the family I stayed with in 2004/2005. At that time I was 16 (later 17) years old and went to Litchfield High School for one year.

Well, that was 5 years ago. This time I only had one week, to see all my old friends. Obviously this was impossible. Afterwards I joined my American family to go to Orlando (Florida) and we spent a week in Disney World and the Universal Studios. I’ll write about that in another post.

The plan was, that I would leave friday night and head back to Germany. On friday morning came the big news: “No flights in and out of Germany!” That was a bummer! Today is day 3 since all German airports were closed and my flight was canceled. Not, that I wouldn’t like to spend another week in Florida, but today is my brother’s 18th birthday. We planed to have a big party on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg (great clubs & bars if you ever happen to come to Hamburg). So, my brother becomes an adult I can only talk to him on the phone or the internet. That is so not fair! Have you ever tried to kill a vulcano? I will try!

Happy birthday my dear brother!