Change of plans: Now I founded WebPath for SEO in Hamburg and FRET for Automated Website Testing.

Which should be the headline for this page? I really don’t know. It is pretty much an experiment. How far can I get and how much money can I make just by traveling around the world and at the same time help people around the world: Every second Euro / Dolloar will be sponsored to non governmental organizations araound the world who help to make this world a better place. Where the money will go exactly will be YOUR choice: You will have the chance to make suggestions and take your vote where all that money should go.

On this blog I’m writing about my travel experiences to give advice for all other travelers and to entertain you with my adventures. My actual journey araound the world is supposed to start in July 2012 but until that date I’ll keep you up-to-date on how the preperations go. Besides that I have always enough to tell you about shorter trips I do over the year.

There are some storries that are German and some that are English. The German storries are written in German just because I think those topics are only interesting for Germans. If you’d like a translation of a certain article don’t hesitate to contact me. Just leave a Comment.